Saturday, 27 October 2012

Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle

I was on the hunt for a Christmas Yankee Candle and as i was browsing ebay I found this seller 
They are selling Large Yankee Candles for only £14.25 and 75p shipping. Bargain!
I was going to get Cherries on snow or Christmas Cookie but since I just bought 3 Black Cherry Candles from Collectables i decided to go with the Christmas Cookie.
Love it!

Yankee Candle Haul

I bought these 3 Black Cherry Candles from collectables. They where reduced from £19.99 to £13.41. I have had this scent in the wax tarts and I love it. I bought 3 as they will make nice Christmas Presents.

I also bought this Medium Cherry Blossom candle and luckily it was the last one in stock. This was reduced from £16.99 to £11.89.

I also bought some Christmas tarts, Christmas Eve which where 72p each and Cherries on snow which was 84p.