Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Refurbished Cath Kidston jewellery box - 6

Another jewellery box! 
I really like this one!

DIY Cath Kidston picture frame!

I recently picked up these two photo frames from tesco which were in the sale!
I had some left over cath kidston fabric samples so i used these in the photo frames. I used some wooden scrabble letters which you can get from hobbycraft. 

Photo frames - Tesco 70p
Scrabble letters - Hobbycraft £2.69

Refurbished Cath Kidston jewellery box - 5

I bought this jewellery box from a local charity shop. I painted it with cream paint and covered the glass panel with cath kidston material which i bought from ikea.
I think doing this with jewellery boxes really brings them up to date!
This one would make a lovely gift!
The measurements of this jewellery box are: L - 25cm, W - 17cm and H- 8cm

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Refurbished Chest of drawers!

I usually stick to small jewellery boxes to refurbish but when i was looking around some charity shops i seen this and thought i should have a go at refurbishing something big!

Here is a before and after picture!

And this is how i did it!

 First i sanded down the Chest of drawers.

Chest of drawers all sanded down!

Next i gave it a coat of white paint.

Here is c loseup of the drawer!

After the undercoat had dried i chose to paint the chest of drawers in cream paint.

This is after one coat of paint!

Wedding Papercrafts - gift bags

I got this book off my Auntie for my birthday. I am going to try out some of the projects!


So first I used some tracing paper to draw out the template. Then to make my template easier to use i cut one out of thin card.

 I then made a template out of this white pearl effect card.

 I then bent along the edges before joining them together with double sided tape.

I used a craft knife to add a slit to the centre of the bag so the bag could close. Then I used a hole punch to create some holes to add this ribbon with little roses. you could also just use more cardboard for the handle but i thought ribbon would look more effective!

I bought these bows from the range as I thought they would match the ribbon quite well.

So here it is! Not bad for my first try!

What do you think?

First attempt at a sweet tree!

Bucket - Hobbycraft £2.99
Polystyrene Ball - Hobbycraft £1.99
Wooden Dowel - B&Q 78p

First i filled my bucket with rice so the wooden dowel would stay in place.
Then i used some glue to attach the ball to the dowel. I then waited for this to dry before adding my sweets.

I used cocktail sticks to stick the marshmallows to the polystyrene ball. I tried placing them as closely together to prevent gaps.

I only bought 1 bag of marshmallows so unfortunately i ran out but for my first attempt and for as I was only testing it out I think this looks quite good!

I wrapped white ribbon around the dowel to see how much I would need to cover the whole dowel.

I am going to have a go at making a few more of these sweet trees using dolly mix, lollies, liquorice all-sorts, bon bons and ferrero rochers.